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Story Book |$89
A Story Book is a personalised Linen Album that holds 6 photos including five 5x7" individual portraits of your child and one 5x7" class photo.
Childcare, kindergarten and school photography in Canberra.
Family Book |$99
A Family Book is a great option for the families who have a few kids attending the same centre. It includes one personalised Linen Album, 1-2 photos of each child, a few together and class photos.
A4 Size Class Photo |$30
We offer a few options on how a group photo can be captured : traditional or composite. Each centre decides what option works best for them.
Childcare, kindergarten and school photography in Canberra.
Additional Purchases
Digital set of the photos - $40
Additional prints are available in different sizes: 4x6", 5x7" and A4. Prices start from $15 per print
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